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Running in Charleston

Most of my posts are work related, but every once in a while I am reminded of how nice it is to get outside. With that in mind I want to remind you, too, to just back away from the computer, put down the phone, etc. and get some fresh air. I have posted before about getting out there and finding local events. Here are two of my favorites in Charleston, SC.

Turkey Day 5K and Gobble Wobble, Thanksgiving Day

This is a run through downtown Charleston with about 5,000 other folks all gearing up for turkey dinner. It’s very much a family event and you’ll even see a few people dressed up like, say, turkeys. The event is run by the Knights of Columbus and is just a lot of fun. A great energy and positive vibe. The weather is hit or miss. My sister and I have been running this race for about five years now and we’ve had everything from sunny fall day to blustery and just above freezing.

The Cooper River Bridge Run, March-April

A 10K that begins in Mount Pleasant and ends in downtown Charleston. A much bigger race (closer to 40,000) with a fantastic expo. This one is a big deal with cash prizes, etc. (someone from Kenya usually wins), but there’s room for the rest of us, too. This race has been happening for over 30 years and they’ve got the organization down to a science. Good water stops, music, and a party immediately afterward with good food and a huge crowd. The weather for this one is usually great. Springtime!

Almost forgot to mention…both of these races feature Krispy Kreme doughnuts at some point. Cruel, yet delicious!

photo credit: mvenable

Getting out there

Run! I started running in college. Before that my only foray into athletics was playing high school softball. In college I joined Army ROTC and Tree-Path_druss101went from 0 to 60 (well, much slower than 60) as far as running goes. Since then there have been years when I was quite fit, and years of the opposite of that.

Basically, it’s the stress management of the process of running that has hooked me. It clears the head and participation requires relatively little gear. The only thing you really need to spend any money on is a pair of shoes, and if you run on the beach you don’t even need those. Racing is the second hook. The opportunities are always out there – lots of venues and distances. Register for one of these events if you get the chance and are even remotely interested. You’ll be surprised I think at the wide range of participants – little kids, seniors, Olympic hopefuls and those just getting started. You’ll see every body type imaginable. And you’ll see everybody having a great time.

Consider this a formal invitation if you like.  Active.com is a great place to start finding these events. Search by your zip code.

There is a culture of physical fitness out there…

photo credit: druss101, Flickr

Running on Oahu

north-shore_baxterclausHere are a couple of races to consider…

The Great Aloha Run – this is just over 8 miles starting at Aloha Tower and ending in Aloha Stadium with your image projected on the big screen as you run into the finish line on the field! A lot of fun and really well organized.

There is a great expo the three days before the event. This takes place at the Blaisdell Center where you pick up your racing packets and includes vendors, running clubs, and freebies. (I have friends who have flown from California the last two years to participate in this event!) My only complaint… how ’bout one more water stop? The first one is at Mile 4.

The Ford Island 10K registration for this one is trickier (you have to actually mail it in). This is a nice event as well with good food and live music afterwards. A smaller race than the Great Aloha Run, but equally as enjoyable. It’s interesting to run in an area with this much history (now military housing and warehouses). The old airstrip is still there and you run (close) by the USS Missouri. You can also see the USS Arizona memorial and the remnants of where other ships used to dock in Pearl Harbor. This race also supports the Navy MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation).

photo credit: baxterclaus, Flickr