Running in Charleston

Most of my posts are work related, but every once in a while I am reminded of how nice it is to get outside. With that in mind I want to remind you, too, to just back away from the computer, put down the phone, etc. and get some fresh air. I have posted before about getting out there and finding local events. Here are two of my favorites in Charleston, SC.

Turkey Day 5K and Gobble Wobble, Thanksgiving Day

This is a run through downtown Charleston with about 5,000 other folks all gearing up for turkey dinner. It’s very much a family event and you’ll even see a few people dressed up like, say, turkeys. The event is run by the Knights of Columbus and is just a lot of fun. A great energy and positive vibe. The weather is hit or miss. My sister and I have been running this race for about five years now and we’ve had everything from sunny fall day to blustery and just above freezing.

The Cooper River Bridge Run, March-April

A 10K that begins in Mount Pleasant and ends in downtown Charleston. A much bigger race (closer to 40,000) with a fantastic expo. This one is a big deal with cash prizes, etc. (someone from Kenya usually wins), but there’s room for the rest of us, too. This race has been happening for over 30 years and they’ve got the organization down to a science. Good water stops, music, and a party immediately afterward with good food and a huge crowd. The weather for this one is usually great. Springtime!

Almost forgot to mention…both of these races feature Krispy Kreme doughnuts at some point. Cruel, yet delicious!

photo credit: mvenable

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