Current Courses

Saint Leo University

EDU 557 – Project Management for Instructional Design (online – 8 weeks)

This course focuses on the project management skills required of instructional designers working in K-12, higher education, military, and corporate training environments. Topics addressed include the tasks related to project initiation, planning, execution, and closeout with specific focus on communication and decision-making throughout the process. Students work individually and in small teams to complete assigned work.

Course Summary: EDU557_ProjectManagementForID

EDU 552 – Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations: Change Management (online – 8 weeks)

This course examines the theories of diffusion and adoption of innovations including models of change, research-based practice, adaption due to contextual constraints, and the challenges particular to the adoption of design practices in a given situation. Students learn how to apply principles from change management theories to improve learning and performance. Students engage with a case study research design methodology to analyze innovative practices in instruction.

Course Summary: EDU552_DiffusionOfInnovations

EDU 524 Program Evaluation (online – 8 weeks)

Using an evaluation framework, the processes of defining an evaluation situation, framing an evaluation research question, constructing an evaluation design, developing data collection tools, and preparing a data analysis plan are examined, A program evaluation plan, within an instructional design context, is prepared.

Past Courses

Saint Leo University

EDU 544 – Graphics and Design Concepts in eLearning (online – 8 weeks)

This course focuses on design principles of instruction and how to apply and evaluate them in online designs. Students apply design principles to develop effective instructional graphics. As well as, develop storyboards for linear and branched instruction, use current technologies, and illustrate their design knowledge by developing various instructional graphics for online learning. Students also learn practical methods that can be applied to instructional interactions to motivate learners.

University of South Florida

EDF 6284 – Problems in Instructional Design for Computers (online – 8, 10, and 15-week formats)

This course focuses on the systematic design of instructional courseware, including analysis, media selection and evaluation. Topics include instructional strategies, screen design, response analysis, feedback and interactivity.

SLS 101 – University Experience (on-campus – 16 weeks)

Designed for first-semester freshmen, this course is an extended introduction to USF. Topics include purposes of higher education, structure and function of USF, career planning, selecting a major, study skills, managing time, academic advising, computer resources, and decision-making.