Year 2 – Blogging in 2010

This blog is one year old as of this month! I’ve enjoyed the process of writing it (including figuring out what to write about) and learning more about blogging in general along the way.  Personally, this endeavor has become a sort of creative outlet and a source of self-directed professional development. Now that my ‘voice’ is starting to take shape I feel the need to set a few basic goals to grow and improve the project from this point forward.

In 2010 I’ll strive to:

  • Post once per week – I know that the pros advise more, but this is a little more realistic given all else I need and want to do in a week.
  • Comment on three blogs per week – There are so many out there that I read occasionally, but want to read more frequently. I have been negligent in commenting on others’ posts when I look for comments on my own.
  • Learn more about SEO and WordPress – It would be a nice bonus to build some kind of readership and keep my site looking and sounding as professional as possible.

So here we go…more to follow from me. Please share your writing/blogging tips and suggestions. Here are a few of my favorite posts on other blogs. I revisit these occasionally and they motivate me to keep writing:


Chris Brogan

Web Distortion


photo credit: John Althouse Cohen, Flickr

Update (1/17)! I just registered for WordCamp Miami in February. I have completely lucked out on the location and timing of this event. Looking forward to attending and letting you know what I find out.

4 thoughts on “Year 2 – Blogging in 2010

  1. Sherman Hu

    Happy New Year, Melissa!

    Congrats on completing ‘Year 1’, and here’s a hat tip to you for ‘Year 2’ :-)

    Thanks for sharing my post with your audience and I look forward to hearing about your breakthrough results in 2010!! ;-)


    Sherman Hu


    1. Melissa Venable Post author

      Thanks, Sherman! Happy New Year to you, too. I’m looking forward to moving ahead and seeing what happens ;)



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