Year 3 – Blogging in 2011

First off, thank you for stopping by and for contributing your comments and replies throughout 2010! Your time here is always appreciated and I look forward to more conversations in 2011. As of this month, the Design Doc blog is two years old! As we enter year three, I just wanted to use one post to revisit past goals and look forward to this coming year.

Goals for 2010 included:

  • Blogging more frequently and
  • Learning more about blogging and WordPress.

While I didn’t blog every week, as hoped, I did manage to add 40 new posts over the course of the year. I also was fortunate enough to attend both WordCamp Miami and BlogWorld and New Media Expo. Two very different but equally fantastic events! (Find a WordCamp near you and look for BlogWorld in the fall.)

I also presented at three conferences in 2010 on blog-related, social networking topics – in each of these presentations I encouraged my colleagues in instructional design to think about blogging in two ways: 1) as a way to share their work, lessons learned, tips and tools of the trade, and 2) as a resource for information from other instructional designers using the blog format to share their experiences.

These are the posts that got the most views in 2010.

  1. Figuring Out Facebook
  2. Instructional Design Documents
  3. Course Design – Start with an Outline

So, looking ahead to 2011 there are a few new targets to hit:

  • Refine topic areas. – You’ll be seeing more about career development and professional opportunities for instructional designers this year, as well as more in terms of practical tips and resources.
  • Make the move to – I have been ready to do this for a while, just need to make the leap and get everything set up. More to follow on this.

Working on this blog opened up a number of opportunities this past year – including being a part of the South Florida Public Media Camp and working with two local artists on a grant writing project. I hope to continue participating in local events and joining more blogging and social media groups.

Here are a couple of resources I’ll be referring to throughout the year. You might also be interested:

So here we go… Please let me know what might be helpful to you as we move forward. And please continue to join in the conversations!

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4 thoughts on “Year 3 – Blogging in 2011

  1. Betsy

    Making the leap to your own installation of WordPress will not be so hard–you can do it! Let me know if you have any problems. I’m going to share a Google Doc that I made–I use it to walk myself through the process every time I do it.


  2. M.E. Steele-Pierce

    You inspire me.

    And, I’ve never gone wrong taking your advice, so I’ll be downloading 31 Days. Will keep you posted.

    Thanks, M.E.



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