Additional Duties as Assigned

We’ve all found ourselves tackling assorted tasks that were not exactly part of the job description. (Once I actually had to build a sign with donated plywood and paint!) This may be particularly true of Instructional Designers. In a field that is dynamic and in an economy where organizations are striving to do more with less, the job description expands.

What takes up your time that isn’t in an Instructional Design model? Thinking about my last few positions and employers, these are the items that stand out for me and seem to be consistent:

  • Copyright/license research and documentation of permissions
  • Report writing
  • Keeping, typing, and distributing meeting minutes
  • Attending meetings, lots of meetings (I knew of course that there would be meetings, but…)
  • Conducting the hiring process and writing performance evaluations
  • Marketing (business development) at expos, manning tables and booths
  • Copy editing and formatting

I have personally and professionally learned from the process and everything involved. It all adds to your knowledge base and builds up your skill set – ultimately allowing you to do more and understand more about the organization.

What have you found yourself doing that was a little unexpected but added value?

photo credit: Beverly & Pack, Flickr

2 thoughts on “Additional Duties as Assigned

  1. Betsy

    Recently, I’ve been the “voice talent” for a few things. I learn to pronounce new words – or at least, invent pronunciations for words I’ve never seen before!


    1. Melissa Venable Post author

      Voice talent! An excellent example of “other duties”. That reminds me of a time when I had to act out ‘bad’ and ‘good’ interviewing skills on a job search video. Oh my.



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