Instructional Technologies for 2010?!

Time flies when you are talking about technology…and choosing which technologies to use. Last week Jane Hart posted a Top 10 List for (20)10. She has compiled over 200 Top 10 lists submitted to her site and this new list includes the up-and-comers. My Top 10’s #6, Dimdim, made this 2010 list.

Last year I worked with my former DCDC colleagues at the University of Hawaii to compare Dimdim with Elluminate Live. We took a close look at the free version of Dimdim and the fully licensed version of Elluminate – interface, features, and also gathered some user responses. Our goal with the comparison was to find a synchronous alternative for our clients not eligible to share in our license for Elluminate or able buy their own. For more information on this project check out Betsy Lavolette’s blog post: Dimdim vs. Elluminate: Fight!

Do you use synchronous “rooms” for either classes or team meetings? If so, I’d be interested to know what system(s) you use and what you like/don’t like about it.

2 thoughts on “Instructional Technologies for 2010?!

  1. Melissa Venable Post author

    My pleasure, Betsy! Thanks for having a great post about our project already available. Let’s plan our next project :)



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